Wednesday, August 25, 2010


She was safe

Was comfortable,

She was waund around

In her own safe cocoon.

But there came a time

She had to struggle;

She had to out wriggle.

Bit,by bit, her world tore apart

And her new life begun .

She was’nt confined,

Nor was she bind.

She had beau wings,

Red blue green and yellow

Enjoyed she did,

The freedom -the exhilaration .

The fragrance of scented flowers,

The ever twinkling night starts .

The blue sky and green grass..

The new life- she wanted it all.

Enjoyed she did

Until there came a day,

The wind blew too hard

The climate around worsened

The flowers dried, leaves crumpled

Clouds turned dark,

Grey and hard.

Wounded she was ,

Her wings tattered

Struggled, to resurface

To fly,

Failed and robbed of all

Her glory, happiness, and freedom

Returned she did,

To her home.

The old sound dint enthrall

The old hold comfort not

The old she, dint return

She fought,

But with a void of nothingness.

And so she left,

To her grave,

Took she with her

All the courage, hopes and soul!!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010


She sat there, 
under an unlit lamp,
letting the building storm ,
blow her blonde hair.
higher and stronger the wind blew,
stronger she felt her heart flutter.
the moon shyed away
she watched-the clock ticked,time flew.
the leaves rustled
the lighting struck
A reason unknown kept her mind sprinting,
the pain,

her blue eyes stared
at the dark night ahead
there was thunder,
both inside and out
but her heart felt so heavy,
thunder inside won.
like the dark cloud before a rain
filled with rage.

and then a sudden gush
the thunder roared,
it rained.
her cheeks got wet
both of tears and rain
her hair was tangled
and so was her feelings

she sat in between many
yet felt so lonely
she had all her choices
yet felt so empty

drenched and wet
sat she there reasoning
suddenly , the storm stopped
the wind slowed
the tides lashed
the moon rose

her eyes swollen closed
mustered all her courage,she
shut her mind,
controlled herself,rather pushed
n off she drifted to a paradise,
where she was a little princess to no one
and ruled a never land
and then.... she smiled!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I shall kiss the earth goodbye
N stay still where I’d lie.
call for the monsters,
To stop emitting venom
Which slowly spreads,
Polluting our very planet.

I shall kiss the earth goodbye,
N surpass into mere oblivion,
call for the brothers,
To live in peace.
And walk hand in hand,
With no vengeance on land.

I shall kiss the earth goodbye,
I shall close my eyes
And explore the endless night,
and hunt for the horizon’s light,
call for them who care,
And make this world ours .
Stop this ruthless killing
Of both which speaks and not.

Aye,I shall kiss the earth goodbye,
N let myself lie cold and dead
But call for all, and let :
:them to understand
How Diabolic it is;
For all concerned.

So I beg thee.
wid a desperate heart.
To turn around,
Look at the ground.
Save our kin,
To,Save ur own skin.
For it is ur home
you  are hurting.

I shall thereby kiss death.
Only When I’m sure ,
The air blowing above,
Is clean and wholesome.
And Alas,The earth over me
Is pure once again.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


 Trust is wat makes a mother endure for nine months!
Trust is what she gives to her little ones.
Trust it is wen a frend speaks for another;
Trust , is when u, defend for some other.

Trust it is wen we walk in light.
And always feel that your heart is right.
Trust it is wen we get into a flight
And pray that the pilot is right.
Trust it is wen the soldiers fight,
Just so tht we breathe peace at night

Trust it is wat  luvers have for one another,
Trust it is wat they see;
 in each other’s eyes,
 Trust it is wen  he takes her hand.
Trust it is tht holds one in matrimony
Trust it is wat helps them during extremes, to boldly stand.
Trust it is wat makes the sailor set his  sail ,
Trust it is when we inhale.
Trust it is when we dive into the sea.
Trust it is when we light a fire,
Trust it is wat getz us through times which are dire,
Trust it is which is devine.

Trust it is tht clasps us to earth
Trust it is tht keeps us going.
Trust it is which makes one believe:
 there is always a spring after winter.
Trust it is when we hold someone in our arms.

Trust it is tht makes one think;
He’ll be luved forever,
Trust it is that ur death shall be in peace.
Trust it is tht ur life will continue after death ,
Trust it is tht it will be carried down by words!

But aye, my friend, I tell you
Trust is what you need
And the thought is very profound.
Like a ball thrown to a wall,
You would get enough and more of it,
Only n only if u endow it  in ; abundance.
Trust …….. it is!!.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I wonder,
100 years from now,
Will the stars still glow?
The earth still move,
The sun still shine,
The sky be so high,
And still unapproachable
Will the beautiful universe;

I wonder
A 1000 years from now,
Will the country brooks shimmer,
The fish still be a swimmer?
The white snow fall,
Or would the mountains still grow tall?

I wonder,
A million years from now,
Will the world still be green,
Will the sky still act as a blue screen?
Will there still me poverty,
Or will there be a constrain on liberty??

I wonder
A zillion years from now,
Will humans be as we are now,
Will their blood still run red.
Will development be so high
That death becomes a lie!

Alas, will mortality be the only;
Unsolved puzzle
I wonder,
Why is all this only to wonder,
Why cant I know the answers to it now?
For it, my friend “future” replies,
“The beauty of mine,
 lies only in my everlasting mystery, and
so till then…keep wondering! “.

Friday, April 2, 2010


HELLO !!...
As my first blog post was about tears, which is the instantaneous outcome of sadness some who read it felt I shouldn’t have begun wid a negative note (:O  )!!!... so for all those, here I come with my second blog all about my journey from being a hard core pessimist to a complete optimist!!!

As Winston Churchill has put it in the best form one could have  ever  A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”.

                  Now coming to the point im intending to make here…the power of positive thinking. well, most of us r already aware of what it is. What it implies is to manipulate each n every single atom n molecules around you, tht make a part of your  mind ,ur soul, ur surroundings. and  of u, to  move, in the way you want it to. You are what you make of yourself. You hold the key as well, as the lock to your life. The key acting as a positive element helping you to overcome the obstacles, And problems which come your way trying to make it complicated
To achieve them, like a lock keeping you from entering the room.

          Now  the choice of striving to find the key to triumph over the obstacle, which would lead you to happiness and finally a worth living life, or to just leave the lost key unfound and live a life of regrets and sadness, is the choice which has to be made.

          A little incident from which I changed to being pretty much of an optimist goes this way. I got a chance to fulfill my dream of participating in some international debate comp. and I left for the preliminary selection rounds which I cleared in straight strides. But there I faced a problem, I was 1 month short of the required minimum age to participate in the finals!!. I knew then my chance to the finals were weak and lost all ma confidence.
                                          The teacher who accompanied me had just finished reading the book “The secret” which deals with the same subject of positive thinking and told me to try it. I was in a condition if she would have told to jump out of a running bus so as to get the chance to go to the finals, then I would have done so!..
                                 And so I began my positive thinking exercise. Whenever the thought of me not traveling to the finals entered my mind I substituted the thought immediately and consciously, To that of me boarding my flight. The  days prolonged and there was no news from the higher authorities. Suddenly one day I got a call n god answered my prayers!...i was going to the finals!. they accepted me ignoring their policies!!. So then my preps started and I was packed n ready to board my flight!... I went to the airport an hour and half early!  But to my bad luck, a thick headed officer closed the counter before hand (I haven’t forgiven him yet for it!!.).. and I missed my flight. I had a connecting flight from the next city within 4 hrs  n I cld not afford to miss that flight as the next flight from my city was after 2 hrs!...that would give me nothing more than 5 minutes to catch my connecting flight and that which was impossible to do.
                           Again I began to push away the negative thought of me not reaching the destination. Well, guess what, a person  working for the air lines whom I kno thankfully,pulled some strings for me, and I just made it to the flight at exactly the right time!... I had no time even to spare a glance  at the gentleman, who had come to my rescue . and so I reached the finals!... and that was how I became a complete believer of the powers of positive thinking, I tell you all agn!... try it …It works!!!!

1) if you could get your hand on the book “the secret” then plz don’t mind spending a few pennies to go through it. It really is a book which is worth evry single penny spent on it!! :D
 2)And upto  date, I haven’t seen the man (whom I’ve gotten used to calling “my savior”,)’s face!! ) !! J

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A tale of a tear

It was when reality struck
realization washed,
my heart skipped a beat.

A moment wrong,
a moment little too long.
never so has been;as i watched
into nothingness ma heart raced.

And so i felt it,
two thick drops of fat hot tears:
trickled down ma cheek
the scene in front blurred
ma eyelids seem so heavy
the stream which followed it
making ma heavy heart drop of place
surrendiring ,in the midst of itz race.

the rose does'nt seem so beautiful
the moon does;nt seem to follow me
the waves seem to trash on
the lullaby does;nt soothe me today
the world of mine....
is falling apart..

a coffe epiphany

a coffe epiphany