Wednesday, August 25, 2010


She was safe

Was comfortable,

She was waund around

In her own safe cocoon.

But there came a time

She had to struggle;

She had to out wriggle.

Bit,by bit, her world tore apart

And her new life begun .

She was’nt confined,

Nor was she bind.

She had beau wings,

Red blue green and yellow

Enjoyed she did,

The freedom -the exhilaration .

The fragrance of scented flowers,

The ever twinkling night starts .

The blue sky and green grass..

The new life- she wanted it all.

Enjoyed she did

Until there came a day,

The wind blew too hard

The climate around worsened

The flowers dried, leaves crumpled

Clouds turned dark,

Grey and hard.

Wounded she was ,

Her wings tattered

Struggled, to resurface

To fly,

Failed and robbed of all

Her glory, happiness, and freedom

Returned she did,

To her home.

The old sound dint enthrall

The old hold comfort not

The old she, dint return

She fought,

But with a void of nothingness.

And so she left,

To her grave,

Took she with her

All the courage, hopes and soul!!!

a coffe epiphany

a coffe epiphany