Sunday, May 30, 2010


She sat there, 
under an unlit lamp,
letting the building storm ,
blow her blonde hair.
higher and stronger the wind blew,
stronger she felt her heart flutter.
the moon shyed away
she watched-the clock ticked,time flew.
the leaves rustled
the lighting struck
A reason unknown kept her mind sprinting,
the pain,

her blue eyes stared
at the dark night ahead
there was thunder,
both inside and out
but her heart felt so heavy,
thunder inside won.
like the dark cloud before a rain
filled with rage.

and then a sudden gush
the thunder roared,
it rained.
her cheeks got wet
both of tears and rain
her hair was tangled
and so was her feelings

she sat in between many
yet felt so lonely
she had all her choices
yet felt so empty

drenched and wet
sat she there reasoning
suddenly , the storm stopped
the wind slowed
the tides lashed
the moon rose

her eyes swollen closed
mustered all her courage,she
shut her mind,
controlled herself,rather pushed
n off she drifted to a paradise,
where she was a little princess to no one
and ruled a never land
and then.... she smiled!!!


  1. hmmmm my heart slipped rey:-)....awesome....

  2. beautiful! u were pretty descriptive, and i cud picture her in it... but hey, i wasnt able to understand what she was tensed about...and how she finally got relieved....

  3. thanx a lot arun.....cumin from u i take it as quite a compliment.......she is not tensed...rather very sad n confused abt her own lyf.. n context in which i wrote is one...but the sadness n this confussion can be related to any person's lyf....


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a coffe epiphany