Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I wonder,
100 years from now,
Will the stars still glow?
The earth still move,
The sun still shine,
The sky be so high,
And still unapproachable
Will the beautiful universe;

I wonder
A 1000 years from now,
Will the country brooks shimmer,
The fish still be a swimmer?
The white snow fall,
Or would the mountains still grow tall?

I wonder,
A million years from now,
Will the world still be green,
Will the sky still act as a blue screen?
Will there still me poverty,
Or will there be a constrain on liberty??

I wonder
A zillion years from now,
Will humans be as we are now,
Will their blood still run red.
Will development be so high
That death becomes a lie!

Alas, will mortality be the only;
Unsolved puzzle
I wonder,
Why is all this only to wonder,
Why cant I know the answers to it now?
For it, my friend “future” replies,
“The beauty of mine,
 lies only in my everlasting mystery, and
so till then…keep wondering! “.


  1. hey gud1 rey...de last to lines is just simply awsum

  2. hey aki!!.. thanx a bounce! :D

  3. nice one......da last lines r beautiful!!!!

  4. @ vishnu : thanx a lot! ... i lyked them too :D cheers!...

  5. wow.. akka supera eruku.. keep it up

  6. Nyc....u know what?
    I was planning to write something similar this morning! :)

  7. @varsha :thanx a bounce
    @UT: hm.. to say great minds think alike wont be too wrong! ;P

  8. hmm gud one...nice imagination ..lov'n it

  9. :) i have heard someone say:

    " if there's no mystery there's no hope "


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a coffe epiphany