Sunday, April 18, 2010


 Trust is wat makes a mother endure for nine months!
Trust is what she gives to her little ones.
Trust it is wen a frend speaks for another;
Trust , is when u, defend for some other.

Trust it is wen we walk in light.
And always feel that your heart is right.
Trust it is wen we get into a flight
And pray that the pilot is right.
Trust it is wen the soldiers fight,
Just so tht we breathe peace at night

Trust it is wat  luvers have for one another,
Trust it is wat they see;
 in each other’s eyes,
 Trust it is wen  he takes her hand.
Trust it is tht holds one in matrimony
Trust it is wat helps them during extremes, to boldly stand.
Trust it is wat makes the sailor set his  sail ,
Trust it is when we inhale.
Trust it is when we dive into the sea.
Trust it is when we light a fire,
Trust it is wat getz us through times which are dire,
Trust it is which is devine.

Trust it is tht clasps us to earth
Trust it is tht keeps us going.
Trust it is which makes one believe:
 there is always a spring after winter.
Trust it is when we hold someone in our arms.

Trust it is tht makes one think;
He’ll be luved forever,
Trust it is that ur death shall be in peace.
Trust it is tht ur life will continue after death ,
Trust it is tht it will be carried down by words!

But aye, my friend, I tell you
Trust is what you need
And the thought is very profound.
Like a ball thrown to a wall,
You would get enough and more of it,
Only n only if u endow it  in ; abundance.
Trust …….. it is!!.


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  2. hey nice one....i enjoyed reading it

  3. hmmmmm wat can i say abt it...its awesome:-)..keep it up

  4. You write well... :) keep it coming... :)

  5. You write well... :) keep it coming... :)


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