Friday, April 4, 2014

The tale of an unexpected friendship, universe's games, farewell and my epiphany

She walked down the long corridor of the 3rd floor of the company in a three inch heels. The sound of her heel echoed against the hard marble flooring of the otherwise silent finance department, forcing the accountants to lift their heads up from their workstation and smile at her. She steered her way down in grace, returning the kind smiles of all, not sparing the office boy even, till she reached the last cubicle on the left far corner of the hall. She turned, and entered with a smile and confidence that would quite put the aspiring Ms.Whatever-beauty-pageants to shame. She was medium built, dusky, with jet black hair curling a little after her waist. She isn’t the beauty you would compare with someone appearing on you tv screen, but there was something about her, about the genuineness of her smile, the warmth in her greetings, and the calmness in her eyes that allured you to her.
In the next fifteen minutes with nothing more than a few pleasantries, professional aspects, and fewer personal details exchanged, the awkward silence further lengthened  the  mere gap of two desktops and a couple of rusty files. One single question, “so, do you read any books? Something other than these CA books, something for leisure?” was all it took to start memorable conversations which lead to the blossom of a wonderful comradeship. In a mere week, likes were discussed, people were talked about, opinions debated, new plans made. But the universe, the wicked thing that it is, had different plans. This amazing person, who I warmed up to so quickly, had to move, and there I was, crammed with emotions of having to say goodbye to yet another person I dint want to. After a poignant farewell laden with tears and heavy hearts, I walked into a nearby coffee shop.
I sat there reflecting upon my brief, yet wonderful relationship I shared with this particular person, I couldn’t help but wonder upon the reason for her part in my life. She entered my life when I least expected, bonded with me over unusual interests, and has become such an influence in my life that she has been a catalyst for one of the biggest decisions I’ve made in life.

I've begun to feel, there is something almost sacred about people who are innocent beyond tender, about those who are not scarred by the negativity in life, about ones who would move mountains to help you. About those who can love without expectation and fear, about people who not only open their minds with you, but also share a part of their soul with you. That part which hangs with you forever, like a horcrux, and crafts one of the shortest friendships to mean a lifetime to you.

By the time, there was nothing more than the extra cream from the latte in my cup, I looked out of my reverie to the early evening traffic, I had an epiphany. Not an instantaneous one, but one which you realize and see , when the tempest in your mind settles down. There are few people who stay in your life to slap you down and show the tinted side of the human nature, while a few walk into your life, like the mid-summer-rains, be there for just a milli-second in the time span of your lives, but leave a mark in your heart with their clear conscience, and unpainted thoughts, which restores your beliefs in innocence, in love, and in magic of life. As I paid the bill out of the coffee parlor, and exited with a grin fixed on my face, I was filled with happiness knowing I have been lucky enough to meet at least a handful of such people in my life, and travel with me, no matter how much distance the universe puts in between. 

PS: sorry but couldn't help but, insert a harry potter reference :D for those who don't know, "horcruux" is an object which has a piece of the soul of the creator of the same :D 

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a coffe epiphany

a coffe epiphany