Saturday, December 29, 2012

untold fury of an indian woman...

Dearest Indians,
The recent front page news got me thinking for a long time. And I just began to wonder:
You stayed silent when the boy’s side of a family demand lump sum amounts as dowry
You were okay when the mothers in the family were treated like inferiors,
You had no problem with drunkards beating their wives up, you called it normal.
You had no problem when college students sat on the compound whistling and hooting at every passing woman. You went ahead to call it adolescence and hormone rage!
You hardly raised your voice against millions of those little girls who are killed even before they got a chance to see day light, and some more who were thrown and got ridden of in one of those numerous unused dustbins of the cities.
You dint seem to mind too much when there is discrimination shown in the pay cheque just because of her sex,
You dint really come forward and help a girl who was forced to get married against her wishes.
You don’t mind when a son could come home after 9, while the daughter was expected to be back by 5!
You really don’t seem to be seeing how a woman’s voice is subdued in any family discussions by those of her male counterparts
You seem to conveniently overlook the numerous cases of custody rapes and other likewise military gang rapes.
You don’t seem to respond to people who call themselves moral police and do nothing but try curbing the little freedom this country offers,
You don’t want to utter a single syllable about how a man always likes to earn a higher salary than that of his wife or sister! Don’t get me even started over how you enjoy and tap your feet to songs calling women chikini chameli, halkuts jawanis and badnam munni!

Oh have finally awoken and suddenly have manned up all because of one woman who was brutally raped??? Are you trying to, as usual forget the hundreds of women whose lives are miserable thanks to your insensitivity to the matter! Furthermore you go ahead to tell these wounded women that it was their fault that they dressed in a particular way which gives rise to these rapes.. well like the women today are any safer draping a saree!

This protest would hopefully see some justice for the one lady who just lost her life. But what about the millions of other women in this country?
The Delhi police have taken measures for increasing the safety for women in Delhi, what do the women in other parts of the country do?
You can have any number of candle light protests or you can continue to throw stones at our government and lament, but wake up to reality, is this what is going to help us?
As a woman of this country, I am not asking the men to give me their shoulder, but I'm here trying hard to stand on my own. All we are asking for is the freedom to be as independent as the opposite sex. Not their empathy nor sympathy! It’s when we get to hold hands as equals can we abolish more such autocracies. It’s not new, we did it with sathi, with child marriages and many more, why not this?? 


  1. I absolutely agree with you Nivi, this seems to be happening every time. We will revolt for a few days & then everything seems to get back to normal except the fear within us,which is building up even more day by day. It's a pity that we don't feel secure even in our home country. Incredible India Indeed!

  2. yeh thts one of the saddest parts!!! this will change only wen men begin to look at women more then just baby making or sex toys!!


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