Monday, March 19, 2012

its time to cut down!!!

Its that time of the year everyone sports a talk on the national budget, and here it is this year.,I tried to grasp as much as possible from all the news channels and papers ending up even more confused! Being the extra talkative person that I am, while on the rickshaw traveling back to my hostel, I started a SMART conversation wid the driver. All I asked was “bhaisab, howz the budget doing for u??”… well, he gave me such a admonished look, it scared me quite a bit. But well, he then gave me a small talk on his view of the budget, one which helped me understand the whole crux of the effect of the budget on my life within 5 minutes.
He started with his rattling about how the price per barrel of crude oil has increased, I wasn’t paying much attention until he mentioned that the minimum fare of auto will be Rs.24 in a few days! Tht would mean an extra Rs.7 per every ride, that would mean an increase of Rs.210 in a month!!! I understood my railway ticket is also going to see a rise, which would mean another increase of Rs.400 minimum in my expenditure.
Now frankly speaking, for a girl like me, any change in the VAT or CENVAT is of least bit importance, but, auto anna to rescue, he gently explained that “ behanji, ur cosmetic price is going to increase”. Now, my mind started its mental calculations. My monthly cosmetics plus tax etc etc would now add up to an increased gross amount of Rs.500! its time I stopped using the liner, mascara, blush and others!
After all this while my mind wandering on how to cut costs so that I could sustain myself with my monthly refills, my vary eyes rested upon the meter. My heart stopped at once. It read Rs.65!!! seeing my petrified face, auto anna with a diabolic grin said “ pranab dha has increased all the prices, question him, not me! I’m just the aam adhmi!” for the love of all the “aaam adhmis in India, do those financial giants even think of students?? Ponder over!!!

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